Sales of high-tech toilets surge in the U.S. due to the spread of the new coronavirus


Sales of high-tech toilets surge in the U.S. due to the spread of the new coronavirus

by Danny Choo

With the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19), the hoax that toilet paper becomes scarce due to the cessation of production of paper products was spread, and toilet paper purchases in Japan continued. . A similar buyout has occurred in the United States, resulting in a surge in sales of high-tech toilets with hot water flushing.

Amid coronavirus fears, Bidet sales soar as toilet paper sells out-Los Angeles Times

Towards the end of February 2020, Toma's toilet paperBuy-up commotion occurs in Japan. Toilet paper has been sold out at retail stores nationwide. Similar phenomena have also occurred in Hong Kong and Australia, and were once reported as "black markets are forming."

The purchase of toilet paper and disinfectant by the new coronavirus panic also occurs overseas, and the possibility that a black market is formed-GIGAZINE

Controversy over buying toilet paper also occurred in the United States. However, the uproar seemed to have had side effects, with the U.S. letter Los Angeles Times saying, "The toilet paper turmoil has led to 'Warm water washing toilet seat]Sales increased rapidly. "

Although it is a hot-water flush toilet seat that boasts a high penetration rate in Japan, there has been no sign of widespread use in the United States before the buyout turmoil. According to the Los Angeles Times, the interior design show features TOTO's “WashletHe said that there was a long line in the series, and that Americans were not interested in hot-water flush toilet seats. However, in the United States, the situation where most toilet seats have only the function of “flowing water” has been continuing for a long time.

It was also reported that the lack of popularity of hot water flush toilet seats was attributed to low American awareness of hygiene and the price of hot water flush toilet seats in the United States.

Why are Japanese high-tech toilets not popular in the United States? -GIGAZINE

However, the long-standing situation that hot-water flush toilet seats are not widespread has been completely changed by the turmoil of toilet paper purchases. According to the Los Angeles Times, an American manufacturer selling hot water flush toilet seats at relatively inexpensive price rangesTushyWhenBrondellReports a surge in sales. As Tushy's hot-water flush toilet seats are running out of stock, the situation is “ planned to ship in late April 2020 '' in the middle of March 2020, and Brondell has sold hot water toilet seats at retail stores in the past week. It has been quadrupled.

Tushy CEO Jason Ojarvo said, "It may be a tipping point for Americans to use hot flush toilets. Once you use the hot flush feature, you can't return to living with toilet paper alone. It's inefficient and savagery There is even ". "In this unprecedented shortage of toilet paper, we are pleased to provide a smart alternative to toilet paper. Over the 16 years since our founding," said Daniel Larry, spokesman for Brondell. “ We have been passionate about advocating that switching to hot-water flush toilets is both environmentally and cost-effective, '' said Brondell's hot-water flush toilet seats that will sell out for now. Please be assured that there is no such thing. "

Like a Tushy and Brondell, an American startup developing a "portable bidet"SonnyReports that sales have increased despite being in the prototype stage. "People are taking every precautionary measure and the behavior is changing. The increase in sales of our products is due to the expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic, It's a sign that culture is changing. "

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