Sales of "robot that can carry objects with freely moving arm" developed by former Google engineers started


Sales of "robot that can carry objects with freely moving arm" developed by former Google engineers started

A mobile manipulator that can move autonomously like a robot cleaner and can carry objects using freely movable arms attached to the body “Stretch]Has begun to sell.

Product — Hello Robot

Ex-Googler's Startup Comes Out of Stealth With Beautifully Simple, Clever Robot Design-IEEE Spectrum

Stretch was created by a startup led by Aaron Edsinger, director of Google's robotics division, and Professor Charlie Kemp of Georgia Institute of Technology.Hello Robot.. Ed Singer and Professor Kemp areResync RoboticsKnown for establishingRodney brooksHe is also known to have belonged to his group.

Stretch is a robot with an arm attached to a strut extending from a pedestal with wheels.

Not only can the robot arm extend up to 52 cm, but…

It is also possible to adjust the height. The adjustable range of height is 109 cm.

The handle part of the arm looks like this. The maximum weight that can be lifted is 1.5 kg.

The pedestal part is like a cleaning robot. It weighs about 23 kg and has a footprint of 34 cm x 34 cm.

A 3D camera "Intel RealSense D435i", a laser rangefinder, and a microphone for voice recognition are mounted on the upper part of the pillar, and it is possible to recognize the surrounding situation and the shape of the object grasped by the robot arm. Information acquired by 3D cameras etc. will be processed by AI.

You can understand what this Stretch can do by watching the following movie.

Stretch RE1 Home Teleoperation-YouTube


At the beginning of the movie, Stretch and a dog appeared. Stretch holds the ball out of reach of the dog.

Stretch stretches the arm with Guin…

Adjust the height so that the dog can reach it. The dog shakes its tail and is overjoyed.

Like the UFO catcher, Stretch can also grab the figure with the arm and put it away in the storage box.

You can also take out the laundry from the washing machine. Open the door of the washing machine with the arm…

Move to the front of the opening.

I took out the laundry with the robot arm.

Wipe and clean the desk…

You can also vacuum it.

One of Stretch's features is its "automation" feature. Stretch can automatically perform mapping with a 3D camera and take actions optimized for surrounding objects. You can see what kind of automation Stretch can do by watching the following movie.

Stretch RE1 Autonomy Demo Compilation-YouTube


The Stretch code is open source,Published on GithubIt is also possible to customize by yourself based on the information provided. The main body has a space for mounting parts, screw holes, and a USB port, so you can expand the hardware.

Stretch is already available for purchase, but since it's still in the early stages of software, it's positioned for developers at the time of its release. Regarding the outlook of Stretch, Edsinger said, "We hope to develop a robot that is useful for society and have an impact on society. It is supposed to be used at home, but medical care. We are also considering using it in institutions, etc., and personally hope that it will be useful for elderly people and caregivers.Instead of making a custom-made care robot, it is cheap enough for anyone to buy. I hope that one of the functions that a robot can perform is a nursing care function."

The price of Stretch is 17,950 dollars (about 1.92 million yen). For this price, IEEE Spectrum, a journal specializing in engineering and applied chemistry, said, "PR2Since then, there has been no mobile manipulator that has both size and cost. Given the PR2's $400,000 price and the 2010 launch date, Stretch is highly functional and affordable."

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