Salty feel to understand the mechanisms behind delicious, low-salt, applied to the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine major from

Our tongue can taste and feel. Sweet,umami,sour, bitter and feel the mechanism has been elucidated, and salty is still out. Kyoto Prefectural University of 樽野 Yang 幸教 upon the research group,the salty feel cells identified,of their taste information to the brain to tell the mechanism revealed. In the future, hypertensive patients for the treatment of a low-salt diet is expected to be applied to the development.

【Here】Ancient water on Mars is salty was a life viable environment in Kanazawa University, such as research

We are a sweet, bitter taste to the surface of the tongue are the taste buds feel. Taste buds the taste and feel of a collection of cells only. Feel the taste cells to sweet,umami, bitter, sour feel to almost know it. But it is salty of cells How been felt or understood did not.

We are salt,”delicious”and feel. According to WHO salt intake standards 1 day 5g only. Against it in 2018 the Japanese average salt intake for men 11g,woman 9. 3g is significantly over. Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare standards of the men and 7. 5g women 6. 5g, and the Japanese are the”salt reduction”is an important challenge to say.

It salt a lot too why not good either. In blood and sodium is included, and the constant concentration kept. Salt much too,the blood’s sodium concentration is high, its concentrations, such as in the blood for the amount of water, increase as thin as possible. Salty things to eat when I was thirsty, so, so.

As a result, the blood vessels of the inner moisture-the amount of bread, and the blood vessels pressure is up. This is the cause of high blood pressure just. This high blood pressure condition continues,the vessel wall is thick and hard by arteriosclerosis of the state. Arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, such as disease-causing.

The salty taste of the workings of the research has been slow for one reason, all the cells and sodium is the necessary substance may be. It is for sodium to get rid of the experiment is available. Research Group, the epithelial sodium channel [ENaC]inhibitors of given cells from the instant inhibitors to get rid of,sodium concentration without changing the ENaC of work to consider figured out how to.

Further ENaC cells with green light to genetically modified mice to make it from the green cells only live out. Those cells, using salty by the reaction of a record and as a result,ENaC with cells of CALHM1/3 channels at the same time have a salty feel cells function as a source. ENaC-deficient mice, and CALHM1/3 channel-deficient mice are salt-like behavior, such as it was.

In these studies, the salty feel in the cells is the sodium to incorporate the ENaC, the neurotransmitter released by the taste to tell CALHM1/3 channels,the nerves communicate information to see this week. Moreover, ENaC has no mouse has a high concentration of salt in the reaction as,ENaC only, not according to the salty taste to feel the taste of the complexity suggested.

High blood pressure and diagnosed and we are probably the first is salt reduction to be used. This is the soup stock and spices, acidity etc in addition devised a meal out of the many I had. In this research, a new”delicious low salt”can have you would.

This study is a 3 month 30 day of the U.S. scientific journal”Neuron”was published in the. [Article: 室園 美映子・The article list to look at]

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