Same work, same wages start! Permanent income is significantly down and the truth of the rumor?

2020 Year 4 December 1,by the leading companies in the”same work, same wage”, where [PK is the following year from the introduction]. This system is essentially the same job to be permanent and non-permanent employees and the wage gap is improved. Ministry of description, regular and non-regular employment on the irrational resolve and dispatch and full time of treatment improvement is a big theme.

【Here】Same work, same wage in the staffing industry’s oligopoly is advancing?

This system introduced by non-regular employment income is slightly up,permanent income is significantly down expressed the view exclusively.

A lot of companies the treatment of a full-time the cutting-edge would be expected. Contingent workers are workers, 40% of the bulge, we will continue to freelance, such as non-regular workers is increasing. 2,000 million non-regular workers to permanent treatment need, and now Japan is a pretty unreasonable thing.

Takes as its basis the Japan Post examples there. In 2018, 4 March, Japan Post Group is 5,000 people who are full-time employees housing allowance, the abolition of the proposal,at the same time non-regular workers or part of the allowance to be paid to the policy decided. This is the spring offensive of labor-management negotiations in the issued policy. As you can see, the other big firms are also employees of wages down in non-regular employment and the groove to fill the likely.

In-depth reading, if the number of non-regular employees are in layoff conditions to permanent employees to adapt to this. Financial difficulties if you face the most burden and labor cost reduction to seek out the management and this system of extension in the dismissal made easy it.

However, some system of interpretation that would be blatant wage cut and dismissal is not. So the payroll system to pay for performance to a significant shift may also be considered. The same labor portion of the shrink,pay for performance plus of. This ability is highly paid at the same time, maintaining company labor costs of compression on the way to success is visible.

For this. This system is permanent the impact is mainly 3 things.

・The wage base is the non-regular workers than to lower
・Dismissal and Employment Change is more than ever easy made
・The ability of employees to pay for performance to

Non-regular employees, the impact on the 3 major issues.

・Slight wages up
・Employment stopped, dismissal increases
・A short labor increases

Incidentally, the introduction of the system for the foreseeable future litigation, including frequent would be. Ahead of the Japan Post, this 2-month non-permanent employees 150 people were treated poorly and complain. Or last 12 months the leading dispatch traders of Osaka industrial equipment construction contractor, the hourly rate up is unreasonable and the termination of the trouble has happened.

This corona virus shock by large companies, and for the past 7 years ahead in retained earnings, and spit out the aspects. It can hire a stop or non-regular salary up pending,regular employees salaries down as likely to do it. Such severe circumstances, the same labor in the same wage system and how to address them, and their lives to secure it? Employees are also non-regular employees with a very difficult juncture certainly would have.

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