Samsung, "Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition" tailored to the needs of the US Department of Defense

On May 20, US time, Samsung's US corporation announced a special model "Galaxy S20 TE (Tactical Edition)" that meets the requirements of the US government and the US Department of Defense for the "Galaxy S20" that the company sells. It will be sold in the third quarter of 2020 through limited partners.

  • Samsung announces "Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition" tailored to the needs of the Pentagon

    Galaxy S20 TE (Tactical Edition)

Galaxy S20 based military smartphone with many highly customized software and dedicated features to meet the strict requirements of the US government and the US Department of Defense. It can work seamlessly with already deployed peripherals, helping operators navigate complex terrain and long distances.

Compatible with sub6 5G, Cat.20 LTE, Wi-Fi 6 and CBRS. It can be connected to a tactical radio or mission system right out of the box, and has a stealth mode that mutes the LTE line and waits for RF communication.

The "Samsung Knox" security platform developed by the company provides advanced security that meets the most stringent standards set by the National Security Agency. Communication carried out on the device is doubly encrypted with the "DualDAR architecture" included in the platform, and the highest confidential level data can be safely protected.

  • Can be operated by attaching it to the chest attachment

Intended for use in operations, it can also be used for operations unique to military equipment such as being fixed to the chest and operated. By using landscape mode, you can quickly unlock your device and launch the app to use it.

It has enough specs to launch applications such as ATAK, APASS, KILSWITCH, and BATDOK used for military operations at the same time, and is equipped with a "Samsung DeX" function that can be used like a PC by connecting a mouse, keyboard, and display.

SoC has Snapdragon 865 and 12GB RAM as main specifications. The display is a bezel-less, 6.2-inch 3,200 x 1,440-dot Dynamic AMOLED. OS is equipped with Android 10 based One UI 2. The 128GB ROM can be expanded with a microSD card up to 1TB. The battery is 4,000mAh and the color is Cosmic Gray.

The rear of the camera has three types: super wide angle, wide angle, and telephoto. Optical camera shake correction is used for wide angle and telephoto, and optical 3x zoom is installed for telephoto. One front camera supports face recognition.

Although it is a special model that seems to be difficult to sell domestically as well as general sale, it is probably an attractive model that you want to use with Sabage, such as outstanding robustness (probably) and a group of functions that are quite convenient (for some people). I'm looking forward to it, Mr. SAMSUNG.

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