Samsung may renew MWC participation-fear of new coronavirus

Samsung has the potential to reduce its participation in the Mobile World Congress [MWC]. It is likely to be a blow to MWC. MWC is the world's largest mobile trade show.


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According to sources familiar with Samsung's plans, the company is considering MWCs. The MWC will be held in Barcelona in the last week of February. So far, many employees at the US and South Korea headquarters will cancel their business trip to Europe, sources said.

懸念 Concerns about the onslaught of the new coronavirus have shown that three companies have dropped out of MWC 2020 in the past week, indicating that many companies may change plans.

According to sources, Samsung will have a booth at MWC as of February 7, US time. However, it may not be possible to see important business talks between executives that are usually held behind the scenes of the event venue, which is visited by 100,000 people.

Sources say the situation around the new coronavirus is changing rapidly, and Samsung may change its plans again.

CNET has asked Samsung for comment, but has not received a response.

企業 Samsung is not the only company reviewing participation in MWC, but it is the largest among participating companies. The company previously announced its latest product in Barcelona, ​​but has recently held an "UNPACKED" event in the United States ahead of MWC. 2020 isUNPACKED in San Francisco on February 11I do. "Galaxy S20"Galaxy Z FlipThe latest smartphones are expected to be shown.

The effects of the spread of the new coronavirus have spread throughout the world and seem to indicate a close connection in the high-tech industry. Some of the world's largest smartphone makers are Chinese companies. Chinese companies play a major role in the supply chain, producing parts and assembling handsets for global customers. Due to concerns about the new coronavirus, the factory has been closed and Wuhan, which has a population of about 11 million, has been virtually closed. Many technology companies have closed stores and offices and enforced travel restrictions.

LG, Ericsson and NVIDIA have stated that they will no longer exhibit at MWC. ZTE is also said to have canceled the press conference. Huawei and Oppo plan to isolate their executives for 14 days before the opening of the MWC, and Oppo will check the temperature of everyone participating in the event. Other companies also take precautionary measures to reduce the risks for employees and participants, including strict hygiene and health controls.

According to sources familiar with internal discussions, other key players in the mobile industry are re-examining participation. He is considering a complete withdrawal or plans to reduce participation. Some companies may be considering withdrawing executives from Asia and the United States, and forcing European employees to host booths and events. Many companies plan to let executives decide whether to attend the conference.

If Samsung eventually exits MWC, the impact is likely to spread throughout the industry.

"We expect the number of participants to drop dramatically in 2020," said IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo.

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