Samsung unveils virtual human Neon-expressing emotions and learning from experience

デ ジ タ ル Neon's digital human is like a real human.


Provided by: Neon

Neon, a mysterious company based on Samsung's research and development division, Samsung Technology and Advanced Research Labs [STAR ​​Labs], has arrived at CES 2020 in Las Vegas on January 7, US time. The company also described its technology, also called Neon, as a “ computer-generated virtual human who can show emotions and intelligence with the appearance and behavior of a real human being. '' .

Basically, Neon is developing a video chatbot that looks and acts like a real human. The Neon is not a smart assistant, android, surrogate, or a copy of a real human being who knows anything, the company said in a FAQ distributed to press. The weather and the age of Abraham Lincoln cannot be answered.

"Neon is not an AI assistant," the company said. "Neon is more like us, an independent but virtual creature that can express emotions and learn from experience. Unlike AI assistants, Neon doesn't know everything Nor is it an interface to the Internet for asking for the latest weather or playing your favorite music. "

Neon is designed to talk and behave like a real person. Form memories and acquire new skills, but have no physical substance, at least at the moment. Neon can "help with targeted tasks or be personalized to support tasks that require human elements." You can act as a teacher, financial advisor, healthcare provider, concierge, actor, spokesperson, or TV announcer.


Provided by: Neon

Neon has the characteristics of a real human, but cannot be a copy of a real person. Each Neon is unique and has its own personality.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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