Samsung's next folding smartphone competing with Razr–a new picture leaked

Motorola's “Razr”, which will be released soon, may be trying to revive the design of the folding mobile phone, but such a folding smartphone is not just Razr. ChineseWeiboShared byIce Universe, known for smartphone leak information, took up on TwitterThe new leaked image may be the first time we see a rumored Samsung competitor.

The four images seem to be from the latest Samsung folding smartphone. Samsung's brand name isn't shown, but the software is similar to the company's Android skin "One UI" and the presence of "Samsung Pay" stands out. When closed, it appears that there are two cameras and a small external display in front, and a punchhole camera in the center of the upper end of the larger folding display.

The punchhole camera looks similar to what Samsung has installed in the latest “Galaxy Note10” series.

When asked about this leak information, a Samsung spokesperson replied to the US CNET that he would refrain from commenting on rumors and speculation.

Concept image of clamshell smartphone by Samsung

Concept image of clamshell smartphone by Samsung
Provided by: Samsung

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleEdited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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