SAMURAI JAPAN Inaba, who received a request to continue, will reach an agreement soon

The ball world will also restart at the 21st Tokyo Olympics [Olympic]. SAMURAI JAPAN demanded that Atsushi Inaba [47], who had signed a contract until this summer, continue to the Olympics, which was postponed by next summer at the latest. The official decision has not been reached, but discussions are proceeding smoothly.

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The Tokyo Olympics, which has been postponed until next summer by SAMURAI JAPAN Inaba, will be in command. Secretary-General Ihara of the Japan Baseball Organization [NPB] contacted the commander and requested an extension of the contract. "I'm also talking to the baseball team [Nippon-Ham, who is enrolled as an SCO] in order. I'm on track," he said. The original contract had to be reviewed by this summer. It is expected to agree soon.

Director Inaba visited Nippon Ham's baseball team office in Sapporo. "I can't talk to you today. I'm sorry," he said. At the request of Nippon Ham President Kawamura, he said, "I told myself that I will respect my will. I said," I understand. Thank you. " He also requests Kaneko Head, Tateyama pitcher coach, Ibata infield defense base coach, Shimizu outfield defense runner coach, and Murata Battery coach to extend the contract.

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