Sani Brown Holds Talk Event for Students' Power

Sani Brown Hakiem [21 = University of Florida], a track record male 100-meter Japanese record holder, will hold an online talk event with junior and senior high school sprinters on May 31st, “#Tsunag Talk ~ Student Sprinter, Let's talk with me ~”. .. On the 20th, the management office "UDN SPORTS" announced.

Participants are middle-high to high-three "students who are seriously working to become Japan's best sprinter" You can apply by registering as a free supporter from the official website of "UDN SPORTS". The high school as a whole has been cancelled, and in many areas even schools cannot be visited. Sani Brown also listens to and answers the concerns and feelings that students feel now.

Sani Brown said, "My experience and the story I can tell now. I think it will definitely help the students. If the tournament is gone, what will we do for the next tournament? I hope it will be a good opportunity for a generation of track and field athletes. "

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