Sanma, 90% of masks say "is this a lunch center?"

Akashiya Sanma [64] appeared on MBS radio "Young Town Saturday" broadcast on the 29th and talked about the effects of the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Until the 26th, Sanma revealed at the Cool Japan Park Osaka WW Hall that he was playing the leading stage "Seven-turned sword! Totsuka-juku" and was worried that he could perform three days before. .

Chiakiraku said that 90% and 5 minutes of spectators had masks on it, saying, "It was pure white. I came out and said" Is this a lunch center? " Still, he said that many fans watched the show, "I'm just thankful for being full and excited."

He was worried that the spread of the new coronavirus infection "can't help it. Some victims are out there, and I can't say anything. There is also the Olympics."

He said, "I don't know what will happen, but wouldn't be as careful as an individual to protect as much as I can."

He said that he was planning a stage in May, saying, "I haven't made any flyers, so let's talk with the company about whether it's better to quit or not so much damage."

Saying that there was an entertainer who banned shaking, Sanma laughed, "Shake your hand and touch your face. Don't be careful about the type of bacteria that are healthy and have bacteria. Don't approach me."

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