Sanma asks Akiko Yagi Ana "Heal slowly now"

Akashiya Sanma [64], who appeared live on Fuji Television's “Akashiya Santa's Largest Christmas Gift Show 2019” aired late at night on April 24, sent an ale to Yagi Akiko Ana [54].

Former Fuji Television Ana, now free Yagi Anna, has announced that its office will cancel all work for the time being and take a break to treat "fibromyalgia". The program has been supporting Sanma for many years, but this year the same Fuji TV free Minako Nakano [40] took over the role.

Sanma said at the beginning, "There are various things. On the day, Yagi is in a hurry to the hospital." .

In this program, a person who spends Christmas alone confesses unhappy stories by phone over a sanma dressed as Santa Claus. He said, "If Yagi is ready to make a call …"

Sanma revealed that Yagi Anna was talking at the dinner party two weeks ago, "Can I lie down?", And Nakano Ana said, "I may have had a physical condition since that time." talked.

“Fibromyalgia” is a disease in which severe pain continues in the muscles of the whole body. It may be due to stress, but the cause is unknown. In 2017, she announced that Lady Gaga was suffering and stopped working.

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