Saotomo Kubota "I'm out of my personality"

Actress Saotomo Kubota [20] held a commemorative event for the release of "1st Photo Album @ Sayu Kubota" [Futabasha] in Tokyo on the 2nd.

A single copy of the 19-year-old figure, released on the 17th, the day before reaching the age of 20. Kubota was pleased with the release of his long-awaited photo book, "I was glad to be able to release it at the end of my teens because I wanted to release it someday." It consists of a natural part, the natural part, and a fashion part, dressed like an actress, and appealed, "I think that everything is unique."

The response from my family and friends was great, and she said, "When I thought of giving a present, I bought it because I wanted to contribute to sales. I bring a photo book every time I meet me." He played the heroine in the movie "30 Minutes to Sayonara" released in January, and gave a photo book to Takumi Kitamura [22], who co-starred in the movie. "I seemed to like the photo of Mr. Otsuji [Takahiro] of the shooting from the beginning. I was glad I was pleased because he said," I was wondering if I could buy it myself. "

He was just 20 years old and smiled bitterly about the real feeling of adults, saying "I'm confused." On the other hand, he said, "Twenty years is the age of social responsibility. I want to hold myself firmly and face each and every thing."

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