Sara Takanashi keeps the podium for the 100th time in personal ranking

Sara Takanashi [Kuraray] finished in 4th place, and was on the 100th podium finish for the individual.

Takanashi flew 125.0 meters for the first time, returning to fifth place with 134.3 points. During the cold rain, the second time he jumped 121.0 meters and scored a total of 26.7 points. But then, Lumbi [Norway] and Herzl [Austria], top leaders, made steady big jumps and eventually settled in fourth place.

Herzl won with 287.6 points, Lumbi with 285.3 points in second, and Kramer [Austria] with 269.8 points in third.

Takanashi was third in Lillehammer in the second leg of the season and second in the sixth round of Zao on 17th last month, putting his hand on Odai. However, in the 8th round of Luschnob, he was 4th, less than one step away, and continued to step on it.

The highest podium record of all time is Janne Ahonen [Finland], who has a record of 108 times.

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