Sara Takanashi qualifies in 2nd place “I will do my best to get good results”

In the Nordic Ski World Cup Jump Women's Zao Tournament, qualifying for the sixth individual round was held on the 16th at Kuraray Zao Shanze [HS = 102 meters] in Yamagata City, and Sara Takanashi [23 = Kuraray] flew the longest 97 meters , Proceeded to the main game with 2nd place of 1000.4 points.

At the press conference with Yuki Ito [25 = Tsuchiya Home], who passed in 13th place, he said he was confident in his match at Normal Hill, which is his first season of the World Cup, saying, "The content has been improving little by little since Sapporo [contest]." Showed. Ito raises his morale to a team competition with only two races this season. "I want to fight together as a team," he aims to win for the first time in two seasons. Zao is a memorable stage where both of them have won personal victories. Ace Takanashi, who declares, "I will do my best to get good results," aims for the top. The individual event will be held on the 17th and 19th, and the team event will be held on the 18th.

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