Sato Kato speed divorce talk "beautiful life expectancy …"

Talent Sato Kato [29] appeared on TBS “Sunday Japon” [Sunday 9:54 am] on the 11th and talked about speed divorce in a three month marriage with an ordinary man.

Kato married a man run by a real estate company last September, but recently announced that he had divorced. He spent more than 100 million yen in three months and was separated by a week after marriage due to the sluggish management of men.

Kato said, "After joining, I was told that I couldn't use the money I used to do before, and that didn't make any sense? I wasn't bye-bye. Isn't this a scam? "

In response to Kato saying "money equal love", Nicole Fujita [21] said, "If you are over 30 years old, you will get stiff." Kato said, "Eh! ".

Kato is known for having a lively appearance on the alleged suspicion of a comedian, Hidetaka Kano.

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