Satomi Ishihara, caring attitude plays an active role at the forefront

Actress Satomi Ishihara [33] was interviewed during the rehearsal of the Torch Relay.

Ishihara has been announced as running as an official ambassador of torch relay and running in Nagasaki Prefecture, but ran in Hamura City in Tokyo for rehearsal. Many people rushed along the road to see the first torch relay rehearsal at a glance, and interviewers gathered for performing arts and Olympics.

Because of the rehearsal, the next runner performing Ishihara's torch relay was a substitute. Usually, once at the end of each section, a torch taking over the torch will be relayed once, and he will show the torch at various angles for the media.

What surprised me was that the timing of the two torches was perfect. Ishihara talked to the next runner many times with a smile, kissed his torch, and sent it out with a high touch. The substitute runner was creating a feeling of air without tension.

He said he had time to talk with the front and back runners in the car to where he started to run, so he discussed a torch kiss called the “HopeHLights Our Way” pose. It is supposed that it was a short time, but it seems that he communicated well among them. It looked really friendly.

I did not forget about my concern for the media. No matter how many times she was asked for a torch kiss and eyes, she continued to smile and keep calling to the next runner, enjoying her rehearsal with all her power. He continued to smile at the crowd along the roadside.

Even though I wasn't running in the actual run, and the relaying partner was different from the real runner, I showed a perfect performance in a short time. It was impressive to be in touch with everyone. In the interview after the run, "Tensions and excitement are mixed. It was good. " Not only the feelings of the running side, but also the comments of the spectators and the organizers of the rehearsal.

This is probably because the attitude of not only taking care of the media and the audience, but also the general public as a substitute, has been playing an active part in the front line.

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