Satomi Ishihara congestion 課題 Challenge to Torch Relay at Tokyo Olympics

Rehearsal of the Torch Relay held on the 15th in Tokyo. Issues such as the start time being delayed due to vehicle preparation and traffic congestion were highlighted. When actress Satomi Ishihara, an official ambassador, ran as a runner, it was so crowded that the surrounding sidewalks could not be passed. Countermeasures against the new type of coronavirus, which continues to spread, are also required.

Departure was delayed 15 minutes in Hamura City, where the rehearsal was first conducted, due to lack of preparation for vehicles traveling with the runner. In Hachioji City, the car did not arrive by the scheduled time due to traffic congestion, and the start was delayed by 10 minutes. In production, success on schedule is likely to be the key to success.

Police officers and security guards were placed along the roadside and asked the audience to "spread right and left" and "do not stop here because they are too narrow," but there are also places where you can not move because bicycles can not pass. Some people went up to the low wall of a store along the street to watch the runners, and were warned. The crowds are expected to be even more crowded in productions where many celebrities run, and it is important to improve both support and pedestrian mobility.

No special anti-virus measures were taken during the rehearsal. Similarly, the Tokyo Marathon, which attracts many people along the road, plans to distribute disinfectants and distribute masks at each location, and some torch relays will need to respond. There are places where traffic congestion has occurred due to traffic regulations, and it is important how much information can be communicated in advance. [Joint]

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