Satoshi Yamura “I want to defeat next” Yuta Watanabe confronts historical Japanese

The first Japanese confrontation was achieved at the NBA, the world's highest basketball league. Wizards Yasushi Yamura [21] and Grizzlies Yuta Watanabe [25] played for the first time, with Yamura starting and Watanabe on the way. The main character of the Japanese national team, who is expected to play an active role in the Tokyo Olympics, met on the dream stage and marked a new history in the Japanese basketball world. So far, only three Japanese players have played at the NBA, including Yuta Tabuchi [now Utsunomiya] who played at Sands in 2004.

In the second quarter [Q], Watanabe of Grizzlies stood on the court for the first time in 10 minutes and 13 seconds. Two and a half minutes later, Yamura returned to the bench at the end of Q1. They all played for only 1 minute 9 seconds, but Yamura said “It ’s really a big history” and Watanabe said it ’s a great experience.

There were scenes where two people matched up. Watanabe was in the process of handing off the player to mark to Yamura who received the ball. Yamura's favorite jump shot was off the ring. Next time, on February 9th next year, we will play at Wizards home. Yamura burned his fighting spirit, “I want to defeat it next time,” and Watanabe vowed to grow.

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