Sawajiri Erika defendant devoted to drug-dependent treatment and prolonged hospitalization

Actress Sawajiri Erika Sawajiri [33], who was charged with the Tokyo District Prosecution for allegedly violating the Narcotics Control Law for possessing MDMA, spent seven days in bail at a general hospital in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The possibility of prolonged hospitalization has also emerged because of dedication to treatment.

After bail from the Tokyo Wangan Station, where he was detained, he entered the hospital by car. Many celebrities are hospitalized, and there are special rooms. According to several officials, the hospital is expected to be hospitalized for the time being. In the interrogation, it is stated that not only MDMA that was possessed but also “ had used cannabis, LSD, cocaine so far '' “ I have been using illegal drugs for more than 10 years ago '', and severe drug dependence The possibility of is increasing. Treatment is likely to be prolonged, but may move to a more specialized medical facility if necessary.

After the bail, the comment was announced through the affiliated office, “I promised to recover with the guidance of an expert. Was. Avex Management to which they belong has also expressed support for rehabilitation from drugs. While being watched by family members and others, drug dependence treatments are likely to progress.

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