Sayaka Mikami refines the secret technique “5154B” to the Olympics

Sayaka Mikami [19 = Yonago DC], who has been hired for the Tokyo Olympics in the 5th place of the World Championship last summer, has lifted his ban on special moves.

In the 5th qualifying round, we tried “5154B [twist back half and twice twice twisted shrimp type]”. The water was slightly disturbed, and the 7 judges scored 3.5 to 6 out of 10 points. Although she did not increase her score to 56.10 points, she challenged a major skill with a difficulty of 3.4 that only few women use in the world.

Mikami is a power diver whose coach Yasuda, who has been teaching from elementary school 4, described the first impression as a rampage horse. In the same championship, he performed a series of difficult skills, and in the same event, he won the fifth place in Japan and the Olympic ticket. There was a difference of about 40 points or more in the medal area, but the secret technique to fill that was "5154B". There is a risk of failure, but if you decide perfectly, the destructive power is outstanding.

Currently, he is focusing on improving the accuracy of his technique. Participation rights have already been secured for the World Cup Tokyo Games [April 21-26] at the Tokyo Aquatics Center at the Olympic venue. Refining the Special Moves is also the road to Japan's first Olympic medal.

Mikami passed the qualifying at the top. Also appears in the afternoon semifinals.

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