Scarlet: The production manager talks about the highlights of the future: a surprise for the last…

Yuki Uchida, who is in charge of the production of “Scarlet” [general, Monday to Saturday at 8 am, etc.] starring Erika Toda's NHK TV series [Morning Dora], will be on January 9 at NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station [Chuo-ku, Osaka City]. According to the interview, regarding the future, "When I planned the drama at first, I strongly wanted to incorporate the fun and difficulties of being a married couple and a fellow trader as a drama to be broadcast to the present day [Mizuhashi, a scriptwriter]. I've told Mr. Fumie, and I hope you can see it in the future. " When asked if there were any surprises for the last, he said, "I have it, but I can't say it now."

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