“ Search for mask non-wearers with face recognition AI '' tool will be developed in China where the new coronavirus spreads


“ Find mask non-wearer with face recognition AI '' tool will be developed in China where the new coronavirus spreads

Occurred in Wuhan, China in December 2019New coronavirus infectionIs spreading around the world, and Chinese authorities are forcing the use of masks in public areas. Meanwhile, Chinese search giant Baidu has developed an open source tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify people who are out without masks.

Baidu releases open-source tool to detect faces without masksTechNode

Baidu Releases AI to Identify People Who Don't Wear Masks Amid Coronavirus

Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareAccording to the data, at the time of writing the article, more than 72,000 people infected with the new coronavirus in China and 66 people tested positive in Japan, indicating that the number of infected people may increase in the future It has been.cough(Cough)By sneezingsplash(Secret)Chinese authorities have mandated the use of masks in public areas, such as restaurants, shopping malls and public transport, to reduce the risk of spreading the new coronavirus.

In fact, ChinaShenzhen(Shenzhen)A woman who refused to wear a mask was arrested at a city supermarket.

A case occurs in China where a woman who refuses to wear a mask is arrested-gigazine

However, testing for masks is basically done visually and by hand, making it difficult to pinpoint whether anyone in the crowd is not wearing a mask.

Meanwhile, the tool developed by Baidu says that facial recognition AI can identify people who do not wear masks in the crowd or people who can not wear masks correctly in real time.

The AI ​​algorithm is trained on a data set containing about 100,000 kinds of face images, can identify people who do not wear masks with an accuracy of about 96.5%, and can automatically perform periodic inspections You. Baidu says the use of this face recognition tool will also significantly speed up inspections by Chinese authorities.

Baidu also has tools to self-determine the risk of a new coronavirus infection using Chinese virus diagnosis and treatment plans and millions of medical consultation data.releasedoing.

In addition, although the mask has the effect of reducing the risk of "spray infection from yourself to others", the effect of blocking "infection from others to yourself" is thin,envelopeBecause the new coronavirus withCareful hand washing and gargleIs more important.

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