Security・related products and services,AI・robotics in the market for Fuji economy

AI and IoT such as information and communication technologies, the evolution of operational efficiency and convenience of our lives to improve things. However, it is at the same time unauthorized access, such as security risks increase as well. Security management information about the image processing technology, and biometrics such as improvement of technology, and underhanded rid of such, coupled with the increasingly automated in the direction of the market city.

9, the integrated marketing sector of Fuji economy new demand is created two security-related equipment・systems・Service Market Survey Results,”2019 security-related market of the future”as the report is made public.

According to reports,the 2018 security-related the domestic market scale is down 3% year-over-year. 6%increase 9864 billion and is estimated to. 19 years one, down 3% year-over-year. 4 percent to 1 trillion 201 billion yen and 1 trillion yen is expected to exceed only.

Against this background and in recent years has been robust in the urban areas of redevelopment related to the expansion of the trend, especially in access control and surveillance camera systems in the field of the strong should also. Also, the fuel driving issue attention Drive Recorder such as the automotive sector, but the market size is small and growth is expected to like.

20 years later the trend of the market share is close to half the events that the monitoring/reporting equipment in the field as risk management/accident prevention measures in the field,monitoring camera system in the field, such as a relatively large market strong growth showing as expected.

Also, the Access Control field and the automotive field, such as still smaller in the field than the large growth seen and expected.

In the medium to long term housing and building new construction is predicted to decrease because of household equipment, security locks and residential information boards,art, etc is affected as predicted. Biometrics in the field of fingerprint authentication from the vein authentication,facial recognition to surveillance cameras from analog to IP cameras to replace the forward Outlook.

The future is a social problem. underhanded rid of the theme of”labor saving”and”efficiency”as a keyword, image analysis techniques and AI for robotics, such as the introduction of the solution the proposal is proceeding as expected.

More like a solid prospect from the report, 22 years of market 18 years compared to 8. 9 percent to 1 trillion 741 billion yen predicted. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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