See all the history of Alfa Romeo! A beautiful museum in Milan

Introducing the Alfa Romeo Museum in Milan, Italy. Already part of the location where Alfa Romeo's main factory was abolished, this Brutalism-style concrete building once housed Alpha's accounting and general affairs department. The place itself is a historical heritage for Alpha.

The biggest attraction is the overwhelming collection of Alpha competition cars. As soon as I entered the “Speed” gallery, I was excited about dramatic and colorful lighting, followed by a 1920s racing car and a beautiful 1935 Bi Engine Torre. Going further through the gallery and heading to the next corner, more attractive art works were waiting. These include the 1940 Tipo 512 and the 1959 Tipo 159 Alfetta. Both are displayed with the body panel removed, so you can see the stunning engineering inside.

And in the other hall, you can meet the post-war icons. There were several successors of Tipo 33, one of the last F1 cars in Alpha, and the race entry was not realized, such as the 1979 Tipo 179F with a carbon fiber body. More meaningfully, there is a modest test course between the museum and the adjacent highway. This is used for the purpose of driving the cars in the collection to perform demonstrations and attracting car clubs to visit.
The collection, formerly called “Museo Storico”, has been renamed “La Macchina del Tempo”. This means "time machine" and is grouped across three floors in the building. The first floor [2nd floor] is the theme of "Timeline", and the history of the company is expressed by 19 cars, and the first manufactured 1910 A.L.F.A.24 HP is greeted. The next floor theme is “Beauty,” where one-off and concept cars from the famous Italian Carrozzeria will be displayed.

What attracts many visitors is the unusual car and one-off. So, a 1914 40 / 60HP Aerodinamica replica, a 1969 iguana, and, of course, a metallic green 1968 calabo. This would be enjoyed by later generations of children who love matchbox minicars. In addition to the car, there is also an Alfa Romeo aircraft engine corner. There is a huge collection full of staircases.

Another attraction is a small screen showing the 10 winning races of Alpha cars. In addition, you can interactively experience a 4C spider lap on a Barocco test track using the latest game-like headset and 4D chair.

This museum is just off the Autostrada to northwest Milan. Open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, except Tuesdays, and until 10 pm on Thursdays.

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