Seen but remaining … BMW left for more than 40 years since the accident | Auction exceeded 10 million yen

A ruined BMW 503 Coupe was awarded at the auction held in Paris in February for 89,400 euros.

The BMW 503 Coupe was introduced by BMW at the 1955 Frankfurt Motor Show with the 507. It was equipped with a 3.2-liter V8 engine in an all-aluminum body, and was launched in 1956 as a luxury sports car targeting the US market. The exterior design is handled by Germany's leading car designer Albrecht von Gerz, who also worked on Nissan's first Sylvia and other models, and has a beautifully curved styling. Although the interior was luxuriously finished, the production ended with only 413 coupe and cabriolet units. In recent years, along with the 507, it has gained popularity as a classic sports car that symbolizes BMW.

The 503 Coupe, which was exhibited at the auction, was taken off the line on October 24, 1958, and was delivered to a Berlin dealer for almost a year without anybody. Later, he moved to a dealer in Brussels, Belgium. It was purchased by a Belgian doctor, but in 1976 an accident broke the front mask. The owner said he bought a jaguar instead and left the broken car with the dealer.

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It has a sad story that it will be sold at auction without maintenance even after a famous collector purchased it in 2007. The car comes with a tool kit and spare wheels, all of which are severely degraded. As for the color, the exterior and interior remain the same as before, and the engine remains original. This time, the owner wants the owner to pour plenty of affection and restore it and run it firmly.

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