Seigaku University, Hayato Suzuki swears 10 districts, swears to Tokai University

Seigaku University, aiming for the fifth victory in the 96th Hakone Ekiden [January 2 and 3 next year] for the first time in two years, held a send-off party in Tokyo on the 16th. The captain, Hayato Suzuki [4 years], went to Hakone for the third time, “I haven't won the section award yet [previous] I could n’t finish in 1st place in the anchor. I want to finish in 1st place” And hope for the 10th consecutive quarter. I vowed to humiliate Tokai University of V last time.

This season is uncrowned. Director Hara expects the superlative students to say that the annual strategy name is "Great strategy" and "I want to say that it was strong for 4 years". On the other hand, “Sengoku Ekiden is Tactical Ekiden” and indicates a policy not to clarify the section layout. Suzuki said, “There was a rugby [World Cup], and at first I thought it was“ Scrum Daisakusen ”… I trust the director. I want to explode and end with a smile at the end.” And eager to recapture the throne.

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