Seiji Gakuin Yoshida to continue the competition with GMO

Yuya Yoshida [22 = Aoyama Gakuin], the second fastest marathon runner in Japan at the Beppu Oita Mainichi Marathon in February, with a time of 2 hours, 8 minutes and 30 seconds, will continue to compete in the GMO. On the 9th, the company announced.

Originally after graduation, she was offered a job at Bourbon, a major food company, and was planning to retire from competition.

However, this year's first participation in Hakone Ekiden marked a new record in the 4th ward [20.9 km], 1 hour 0 minutes 30 seconds. Akira Aizawa [22 = Toyo Univ.], Who is craving for the future, has updated the section record last year for 24 seconds. Beppu Oita, including the marathon every day, continued his fast running that he did not expect, and was reconsidering his course.

Yoshida aims to be a marathon representative for the Paris Olympics in 2024 and the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028, together with everyone who supports and supports us everyday, respected seniors and directors. With a sense of responsibility, we will spend a lot of time working straightforwardly. We look forward to the support of both individuals and teams as before. "

GMO is advised by Akira Gakuin's director, Susumu Hara [53].

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