Seirei Hamamatsu Hospital, Outpatient Second Opinion for Cancer Treatment Online

Seirei Hamamatsu Hospital uses Medlin's online specialized outpatient network system “CLINICS”An online second opinion outpatient department for cancer careStarted.

The hospital opened the Epilepsy Center Online Specialty Outpatient Clinic in June 2019, making it the first hospital in Shizuoka Prefecture for an acute care hospital with more than 200 beds.

The second opinion is to ask other doctors about the current condition and treatment from the attending physician [the attending physician] and to choose which treatment is better for their illness. Is shown.

で は In the outpatient department, doctors [doctors of the chief physician or higher] provide opinions on diagnosis and treatment to patients who are consulting other medical institutions.

In the Send Opinion of the hospital, there are two methods, “ Visit '' and “ Online '', but in the online second opinion outpatient outpatient department for cancer treatment, use a PC or smartphone to consult with a specialist by video call It is an outpatient method. Therefore, no treatment / test / medication is performed.

According to the hospital, those who want to hear a second opinion [second opinion] about medical conditions and treatment methods at a medical institution other than the family doctor.

The corresponding medical departments are Respiratory Internal Medicine [Dr. Hidenori Nakamura], Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery [Dr. Kazushi Suzuki], Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery [Dr. Hirotaka Yamamoto], Mammary Gland [Dr. Masayuki Yoshida], Urology [Yoneda] Dr. Tatsuaki], Otolaryngology [Dr. Jun Okamura], and Oncology [Dr. Masashi Nosue].

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