Sekaiwa Saori “I used a mobile phone charge of 60 million yen”

Saori [33], a member of SEKAI NO OWARI, a quadruple band of men and women, revealed that he was using about 60 million yen of data communication on his mobile phone while staying overseas for about half a month.

The band conducted an Asian tour around Taiwan and Korea from October to November. Saori renewed Twitter on the 13th, and released an image of the statement, saying, “I was half a month away from Japan last month.

The statement states that the data communication fee is “59,667,808” yen, but because the subscriber has subscribed to the “All-you-can-packet overseas” plan, it is also noted in the bottom row that all the usage has been offset. Has been.

Saori was surprised by the unexpected amount of money, “I suspected the first moment”, and the fans also said “Hi… Hieeee” “Yeah …” “Horrible …” “You can buy it,” said many surprises.

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