Seki Gakudai RB is Miyake of speed and Maeda of power

The American Football Japan Championship Prudential Life Cup "73rd Rice Bowl" will be kicked off at 3 pm on January 3 at Tokyo Dome. Fujitsu Frontiers, aiming for the fifth championship in the fifth consecutive appearance for the fourth consecutive year, and Kansai University Fighters aiming to be the best in Japan for the first time in 18 years in the 13th consecutive appearance for the second consecutive year, the fourth consecutive meeting for the second consecutive year. .

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Dec. 1 West Japan National Team. At the forefront of Ritsumeikan University, Seki Gakudai RB Miyake Subaru Teru [3 years] ran fast. A stunning TD run of 71 yards and 37 yards in the first quarter helped to win 21-10. He runs at a speed of 40 seconds in 4 seconds 5 with a body of 174 cm and 74 kg. Although there was no TD run at the Koshien Bowl, the key points showed the play that led to a score, such as a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter.

Seki Gakuen also has a power system RB Kimiaki Maeda [2nd year] with a power of 173 cm and 82 kg, and runs through with Miyake in turn. Koshien Bowl decided 2TD. The highlight is the third quarter TD run. He rushed to the left of the end zone with an attack from the enemy team 42 yards. In the fourth quarter, he made a successful dive from one yard in front of the goal and produced a reversal victory.

Coach Toriuchi also hopes, "Our run is faster than the other way around. You can dodge one or two shots."

Akio Yamagishi [24] of Fujitsu OLB at the Seki Gaku University OB stated, "I will mark Abe as a receiver" and decided to show my seniors that "RB Miyake and Maeda are the best players in the student. I will not do the job I want." He also sent a message to the junior, saying, "I can do Seki Gaku in the rice bowl. There is nothing so happy. I want to fight with all my power with respect."

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