Sekigaku University / Toriuchi Director "Lose Kurehenka" first strike to enemy general

Director Satoshi Otoriuchi [61], who is aiming for the second time in Japan with American football, set the final first strike. The press announcement of the Japanese Championship Rice Bowl was in Tokyo on the 17th, and both teams showed their aspirations. Next year on January 3rd at Tokyo Dome, Director Toriuchi will be the 28th year's last game. This is the third match against Fujitsu with V4. Mouth did not stop to win for the first time in 18 years.

“When I lose the rice bowl, I feel dark for a year. When I lose, it ’s the last time. Fujitsu Mori Head Coach [HC = 45] is in his first year. “This is the last time. When I looked at the forest HC with my eyes, I fold it up and said, “It looks like something is going on.”

RB grant countermeasures that showed pleasure to the adult king on the previous night become a major issue. “I ca n’t stop it. I ’d like to go out. When Mori HC was asked about the impression of the enemy general, “I've talked many times … It ’s difficult”. He was overwhelmed by his first barrage, with his face clogged in red.

The tip was also directed to NHK, which will broadcast live. Inverse question to the announcer who is live from the stage. “Now it ’s time to stop broadcasting BS. When will it be terrestrial?”. When the announcer replied, “I can only say I'll do my best,” he said, “I will answer it.

Although it was just a solo performance, there is no denying that the members of society are in a 10-game win. “Students are at different levels, not everyone, but all-stars. I know they ’re hard to defend. Can Seki Gakudai be upset by thirteenth appearances to prevent eight consecutive losses?

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