Self-portrait images using photo filters have been found to reduce the number of “likes”, and how to increase the number of “likes”?

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Self-portrait images using photo filters have been found to reduce the number of “likes”, and how to increase the number of “likes”?

By Apostolos Vamvouras

Instagram has a “photo filter” that automatically processes the photos you take, so anyone can easily make color corrections and change the impression of the photos you post. However, images using such photo filters areFewer likesAnd found out in research.

Do you filter who you are ?: Excessive self-presentation, social cues, and user evaluations of Instagram selfies-ScienceDirect

Using filters on your selfies results in FEWER likes on Instagram, study claims | Daily Mail Online

America'sRowan UniversityTo find out how the use of photo filters affects the number of “likes” in Instagram, researchers from Instagram searched “#Selfie (selfie)” 1873 images excluding images without faces and "commercial images" were analyzed. Of the collected images, about 90% were women, about 50% were white, about 25% were Hispanic, about 18.8% were Asian, and about 4.6% were African American.

The survey found that images with stickers and images with excessive color filters had fewer “likes” than images without filters. The researchers pointed out that this result was caused by other users seeing the processed image as "counterfeiting". "Images with the intent to emphasize only good aspects tend to discourage tapping and commenting on Likes," said lead author Dr. Seoyeon Hong. Did.

The research team also conducted research on patterns of “photos that resonated well”. As a result, it was found that images that include "social information" such as work, hobbies, and human relationships get the most "likes". In particular, posts that clarify their work, hobbies, and financial status are likely to receive a lot of “likes”. According to the British letter Daily Mail, which reported the news, "Photos containing social information make people think" I have a desire to engage with others "and give a positive impression." I am.

By The Lazy Artist Gallery

Dr. Hong said, "Self-photographs may not produce the response you intended, so you should be careful." You should post images that contain social information. "

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