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Selling the cell-star Dora Reco "CS-51FR", which does not disturb the driver's view even after installation, can be recorded backwards as an option.


Cellstar Kogyo Co., Ltd. will launch the CS-51FR drive recorder, which is compact and does not obstruct the view, and can be recorded behind with a special optional camera.

■ It is compact and does not disturb driver's view

This product is a small-sized drive recorder that can simultaneously record data from the rear by connecting an optional camera. The CS-51FR is a compact type that does not obstruct the field of view, and is equipped with an optional dedicated camera. Recording is possible.

With the STARVISTM IMX307, recording in high-definition and high-resolution is possible. Night Clear Ver.2: Record clear and clear images at night, when the amount of light is low, and in places such as tunnels. Full high-definition shooting enables high-definition recording with crisp details. In addition, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is installed to reduce overexposure and underexposure even when a sudden change in brightness occurs.

If you connect a cell-star safety radar that supports mutual communication, you can display camera images and check real-time images and recorded images. Other features include a safe driving support function and a parking mode (optional GDO-10 is required).



CS-51FR product overview

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