Send a smile! A video of athletes born in 1995 such as Kiryu Yoshihide

22 athletes born in 1995 such as Yoshihide Kiryu [24 = Nippon Life Insurance Co., Ltd.], who is a 100-meter male onshore track, made a video with the aim of delivering smiles.

The video is about 2 minutes on singer Keisuke Kuwata's song "SMILE-like the clear sky". Beginning with Kiryu, gymnastics temple books, swimming bridge Ohashi, table tennis forest garden, badminton Nagahara, wrestling Bunda, etc., representing the same generation of Japan, join each other by raising each letter, and all of us "Let's make a bright future with us" 22 One person sent one message.

Kiryu commented on his SNS, "I think that there are many people who get energized and smiles in sports. First of all, let's send smiles with the best energy."

Teramoto said, “Let's work hard together with us,” and Nagahara commented, “I'm still worried about my days. I hope I can give you more energy.”

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