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Sensual color that turns pale! The popular "NARS @ After Glow Lip Balm" is now available in a limited edition package for the New Year Collection!

Gorgeous limited package suitable for the New Year! !

Popular lip balm with slight sheer coloring and luxurious moisture"NARS @ After Glow Lip Balm"But, in the New Year Collection celebrating the 2020 New Year, NARS's representative color ORGAZM & appeared in limited colors only for this collection! Package is red / gold limited design. I tried special items suitable for the beginning of such a new year!

NARS New Year Collection! Popular lip balm comes in red and gold limited packaging!

NARS's 2020 New Year Collection "NARS Lunar New Year Collection" has been released in limited quantities from January 3rd. From a total of 5 items and 6 types, this time"NARS @ After Glow Lip Balm" (2 colors, 3g, suggested retail price 3,500 yen excl. Tax, on January 3, 2020 * Limited quantity)Pick up!

The limited package of red and gold is a gorgeous and luxurious design suitable for the New Year celebration.

NARS JAPAN"NARS II After Glow Lip Balm" is a lip balm that creates a pale and transparent lip. It is also characterized by a monoi hydrating complex blended with the moist ingredients monoi oil, coconut palm and tiare, which fills the lips with a luxurious moisture and gives a plump finish. It can be used as a base before applying lip color or from above for finishing.

The two shades that appeared in this collection are the peach-pink ORGAZM (5053), a representative color of NARS that will make anyone look cute, and the limited-color Sear Scarlet Red (5055). It has a faint sensual color.

Sheer coloration and freshness on your lips

This time we will try 5055 Sear Scarlet Red as the main!

Sheer and elegant red.

The texture full of moisture, stretches to smooth.

It has a calm red color and is a sheer color that can be seen through bare skin. The luster is clearly visible even when applied to the back of the hand.

Then try to reach your lips. The coating texture is very good with a fresh and smooth texture.

For a pure, ruddy lip with a sense of transparency. Plenty of moisture without stickiness. Sheer red made the lips look elegant. Because it is slightly colored red, it is easy to use everyday.

Let's take a look at the 5053 ORGAZM color.

This is also a sheer color, for a glossy and moist finish. The nudie pale pink color, the delicate glitter, and the fresh luster make it feel a little subtle.

"NARS @ After Glow Lip Balm" is used as a base for other lip colors, as well as for glossy nuances and nuance changes, as well as being used as a base for other lip colors. It was good to be able to paint without having to look in a mirror and use it easily like a lip balm. It is also recommended for those who are looking for easy-to-use lip colors with sheer coloring and those who want to use it like a lip balm.

Purchase from the department store's NARS counter and the official website. Because it is a limited quantity release, those who are worried should check early.

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