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September 4, Free Online Event "Food Tech Festival" Held, Ramen YouTuber "SUSURU" Appears-Engadget Japan Version

Engadget regularly holds offline events, but considering recent circumstances, we are shifting to online events to interact with readers and disseminate information.

The online event "Food Tech Festival" will be held from 19:00 on September 4th. The event will be streamed on the official Engadget YouTube and Twitter [Periscope].

The keyword “food tech” has been heard a lot recently in connection with food crisis and health management. In this delivery, we plan to introduce the food that was created by combining technology and the food industry. In addition to the Engadget editorial department, SUSURU of Ramen YouTuber will also appear on the day to taste the latest gourmet together. In the delivery, there may be food items that are named after SUSURU.

*When watching on YouTube, it is convenient to set a reminder from the above URL.

■ Speaker [honorific title omitted]


A video showing ramen every day is being delivered on YouTube as "Healthy daily life". The number of subscribers is over 800,000 and the total number of views is over 350 million [as of August 2020].

Asuka Yazaki [Engadget]@ACCN

After working at Famitsu and Weekly ASCII, he became the editor in chief of Engadget Japan. Invented the abbreviation "smartphone". May be eating out the latest food like a gadget review.

Azusa Tazawa [Engadget]@samebbq

After working as a weekly ASCII, became an editorial staff member for Engadget Japan. We are producing news articles and review articles. In charge of moderation at the event. He is studying the cooking skills of keema curry while staying home.

■ Delivery date and time

Friday, September 4th 19:00-

Broadcast for about 1 hour

■ How to participate

The event will be distributed on Engadget official YouTube and Twitter [Periscope].


*When watching on YouTube, it is convenient to set a reminder from the above URL.

Engadget Official Twitter

*On the day, Engadget official Twitter will deliver the event pattern on Periscope.

■Participation fee



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