Serious customer service at the famous Alto beer store "Kamimura in the world"

Yuki Minegishi, who is staying in Germany at the Grand Slam [GS] Düsseldorf competition, one of the judo's Tokyo Olympics [Olympic] selection competitions, will keep on telling one frame during the interview.

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"World Kamimura" can not enter! ? After interviewing Düsseldorf to sample the world-famous “Alto beer,” he visited a famous store called the original.

When he gave up waiting for an hour in a large line, he encountered Haruki Kamimura of the Montreal Olympics indiscriminate gold medal in 1976. He returned as soon as he entered the store, praising "The beer here is delicious." In the advanced judo country of Germany, "Kamimura, the world", director of the International Judo Federation and director of the Kodokan, was declined without a reservation. If you're a clerk, you'll be forced to make a seat. The event was a glimpse of German service, which was strongly individualistic and hated contemplation.

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