Serious! Economic crisis (2) Toyota・TNGA of the ability is how? Rice of the decline in world hegemony to China?

The automotive industry is”100 years in 1 degree of the transformation saying,”Well, was it a new type of coronavirus a pandemic in the world, the supremacy of the change that’s it. After the WW2, Britain, France, Germany and the European countries to America from across the world hegemony of the Communist revolution in the former Soviet Union and of the intense cold causing the recall.

【Previous】Serious! Economic crisis (1) GDP US▲32.9%,EU▲40.3%,Japan▲27.9%,China+3.2%

Currently, America’s economic decline, together with the political world led you there,the Chinese hegemony migrated from now? China and the former Soviet Union or a Communist state, but China has it to the capitalist economy introduced the development and status quo, the Communist Party of the dictatorship in the country and can be seen. The Chinese entity is the”bureaucratic rule of the country”and also said that the content is there,somewhere, similar countries are also close by.

In Japan, stores and hotels, eateries such as people Traffic need business is a lonely business・online system,and IT and Internet-related expansion would be. Industry conversion I must hasten,the unemployed May there be a follow-up. GDP30%followed by a decline of the world is imagined is not possible.

Protection against the government’s confusion, from the Japanese confusion of the sight of the people?

Among them, the auto industry is to hold the rich and famous? Nissan,Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki, etc is the painful reality is imminent.

Toyota, the domestic sales price of lowering, such as virtually no incentive to increase measures and the same effect was targeted. It is a”settlement”or you can consider that way, and Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn, the former Chairman of the American market made in the”incentive reinforcement”is the consideration of different seems.

Nissan, Toyota, Honda etc new models introduction of the violently done, but the”new car effect”is a traditional sale of the policies followed, and on the other hand Internet sales are also expanding like the Internet, relying only use this information for statistical analysis purposes and then the data is removed only on the end is illogical and. In this era of Internet, using sales measures for which direction to proceed and a discussion of the maximum ought to be carried out.

Each company has a deficit in management and was currently Toyota is proud to be the TNGA to confirm the effect of the stadium. Toyota by more than half a century, over the efforts for”Toyota Kanban”is tried to be scene. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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