Setbacks the higher the probability of! The film using the English language learning of the pitfalls of learning

“Without subtitles in oil painting, want to enjoy”as a favorite movie in English to those who start off with less. But the movie was learning English,easy I fall by the wayside is likely to see. Of course I love movies English understanding I think it would be good for you to use, but still, 2 hours to film 1 whole bottle look like,I morale be careful not want.

【Here】1 day 15 minutes effect! Movie made for English study method

■Movie 1 whole bottle and I was learning and why

English learning material for a noise with no clear voice exactly speak English as well. This is a movie you Conversation other than noisy, and the talk is vague also, but English of speed is unusual.

The first intermediate of many at this point to be frustrated this morning. Film in English to at least a noise mingled with the natural speed of English,is it listening to of reached the level you want to be from.

Or the movie of you learning English for conversation scene is not very large. The action and horror genre, such as, depending on the conversation not minutes forward the movie to that, one word, two the talking silent for a while and is well. Conversation is not part of the found inefficiency, given 1 Book of the film from head to the end of the round and so it is better not to do.

Still, in some ways the film is a good learning material can sure. To some extent of the listening levels after reaching them,teaching English other than the most challenge will be. That said, it is still more than 2 hours to film 1 whole bottle and master and is a high hurdle. Reach that far before frustration as the possibility of going higher.

■Within 1 minute of the scene to thoroughly repeat

As such, we recommend your favorite movie scene only, and only to thoroughly learn how to do. Thoroughly and the length of the scene is 1 minute is also enough. It completely remember a repeat of that.

The recent DVD from the English subtitles of the function there, not even a little famous in the movie if Internet script the. First, it has what are spoken of from a complete understanding. After understanding, we are from the same scene repeated just looks.

Get used,the video just the audio from cutting out,time All movies audio listening to spend on the good. Spoken word also it means I know that just 1 minute of conversation from the loop over and over again just to either remember or would.

From here on, it’s a genuine combination of shadowing and shadowing on the contrary, as Real before their taking the lead, speaking not of you. By doing this, my favorite scene by cropping the master,another favorite scene the same as the master as it is a method,like the film gradually capture a great workforce is the most fun to. [Articles:time New Hayat・The article list to look at]

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