Settings you want to check if you do not have enough sense of being authenticated by Face ID

Are you using Face ID, a face recognition function supported by iPhone X and later? Wearing a mask when you go out has become a manner nowadays, just by glancing at your iPhone, you can complete identity verification and unlock it. Because of the convenience of being able to do it, I suspect that many iPhone users say that Touch ID is often disabled, but Face ID is actively used.

Such Face ID has a little duality. When face authentication is successful, there is a difference between when authenticating as a system function such as unlocking or Apple Pay and when authenticating as a function of a Face ID compatible application. The former is only a change on the screen, but the latter causes the iPhone to vibrate.

For example, when unlocking and successful face authentication, you will see an animation that unlocks the key, but the iPhone will not vibrate. On the other hand, when unlocking the locked memo with the “Memo” app, the iPhone will vibrate with the Face ID logo appearing.

It doesn't matter which one seems to be an iPhone, but if you want to make the reaction when face recognition succeeds a little more, and think that it is easier to understand that iPhone vibrates, change Face ID settings. Open the screen in the order of "Settings" → "Accessibility" → "Face ID and gaze", and turn on the "Play tactile when authentication is successful" switch.

If you turn on the Play Tactile on Successful Authentication switch, you can use Face ID when unlocking your iPhone, authenticating with Apple Pay, or confirming your purchase at the iTunes Store or App Store. In addition to the change, the iPhone vibrates. It's a small vibration, but it increases the feeling that you have succeeded in face recognition.

Easy explanation of operation procedure

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    1 Open the screen in the order of "Settings" → "Accessibility"

  • iPad iPhone Hacks

    2 Tap "Face ID and gaze"

  • iPad iPhone Hacks

    3 Turn on the "Play tactile if authentication is successful" switch

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    Four If Face ID of Face ID is successful, iPhone will vibrate even when unlocking or Apple Pay authentication

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