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No.1 of rice ball immovable at convenience storeTsunamayoI ate!

"Tsunamayo rice ball" compared to eat!

Tuna Mayo is the most popular convenience rice ball. It's an image you can find at any convenience store.

This time, I compared three types of dishes: Seven-Eleven "Tuna Mayonnaise", FamilyMart "Sea Chicken Mayonnaise", and Lawson "Sea Chicken Mayonnaise". We will compare prices, calories, weight and taste thoroughly!


First, check the weight on the scale!

Seven: 113g
Famima: 115g
Lawson: 109g

Every tuna mayo rice ball weighs around 100g.

▼ From the left Seven Family Lawson

Difference in appearance

I took it out of the bag and lined up Tuna Mayo rice balls.

Naturally, it looks exactly the same (laughs).

▼ From the left Seven Family Lawson

▼ From the left Seven Family Lawson

However, if you look at the seaweed alone, you can see that it is slightly different.

Seven seaweed was the deepest and solid texture. Lawson is crisp nori, and Famima is between them.

▼ From the left Seven Family Lawson

cross section

Next, compare the cross sections.

Seven is the easiest to understand. The Tsunamiyo part is clearly brownish in color.

Compare to eat

Let's eat one by one!


Lawson's tuna mayonnaise rice ball has a crisp nori and the mayo feeling was the strongest among the three companies. Also, the grain of rice is good and there is a firm texture for each grain.

Family Mart

Famima tuna mayonnaise rice ball with a less sour taste than Lawson. I thought it would be the most popular among them because it had a mild taste.


Only Seven clearly has a different taste. Sour taste is modest and soy sauce taste. The mayo ingredients also have a strong egg feel and are mellow. There is also a large loosened meat that you can feel the fiber of fish, so it feels like home taste. The ingredients were spread all the way to the end, so I enjoyed the rich taste until the very end.


Product name Price (excluding tax) weight calorie
seven Tuna mayonnaise ¥ 115 113g 247kcal
Famima Sea chicken mayonnaise ¥ 110 115g 228kcal
Lawson Sea chicken mayonnaise ¥ 111 109g 235kcal

Check the editorial department for weight. All other figures are from package description information

Tsunamayo rice balls that look the same and have individuality. I personally loved the homey Seven Tuna Mayo!て も Even if you buy three, it's less than 400 yen, so if you are worried, please try comparing them.

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