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From Monday, June 22Seven-ElevenLimited edition of "NISSIN KUKUTOU MISO" is now on sale! Cup cup noodles that use kneaded noodles, similar to the "Dark and delicious TANMEN" released at the same time.

Seven limited cup noodles "Dark and delicious MISO" real food!

From June 22nd (Monday), it was released only at about 21,500 stores throughout the Seven & I Group stores (Seven-Eleven, Ito-Yokado, York Mart, York Benimaru, etc.).Nissin rich and delicious MISO].

This is a cup noodle only for the Seven series, which uses "Umami Kneaded Noodle" together with "Dark and delicious TANMEN" released on the same day.

"Dark and delicious TANMEN" was garlic, but "Nisshin Rich and delicious MISO" uses "Umami kneaded noodles" with ginger kneaded into the noodles, and a rich miso soup blended with red miso and white miso. He said that he added a jinja chip to his to achieve a rich taste.

Let's eat it right away!

MISO is an orange package

"Nissin dark and delicious MISO" is a pop package based on orange. "Dark and delicious TANMEN" was green, so it has a contrasting shade.

3 minutes with 310 ml of boiling water

As with "Dark and delicious TANMEN", open the lid, pour about 310 ml of boiling water and wait for 3 minutes. Since there is no separate bag such as oysters, you can make it quickly.

When you open the lid, a thick miso soup floats on the top, so it is recommended to mix it well!

Somehow miso taste that feels ethnic

"Dense and delicious TANMEN" was thin noodles, but "Nissin rich and delicious MISO" was plain noodles. The aroma of ginger floated softly just by stirring the noodles.

When you eat a bite, it tastes very strong! The rich taste of miso spreads in your mouth. Ginger is added strongly there, so it's not the usual miso ramen, but a taste that feels foreign. I got the impression that it is an ethnic food.

It has a great impact, so it's good to add butter to add richness, or drop raw eggs to make them milder. It was a taste that made me want to think about various arrangements.

"Nissin rich and delicious MISO" is a mixture of miso ramen that mixes strong miso soup with miso soup and strong ginger. If you eat at home, it's recommended to add rice, and if you're at work, it's recommended to add rice balls.

Price: 148 yen each + tax
■Release date: From June 22 (Monday)
■ Release stores: Approximately 21,500 stores (Seven-Eleven, Ito-Yokado, York-Mart, York-Benimaru, etc.) will be available only at all Seven & I-Group stores nationwide (as of the end of May 2020).

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