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Seven-Eleven"Kyoto Uji Ito Kyuemon Matcha Sweet Potato", the third popular matcha collaboration, will be released from July 16, 2020.

It was pre-sold in Okinawa from 7/2, so the resident of Okinawa has taken the lead.

We will review Japanese and Western eclectic unique sweets such as Japanese Uji matcha and Western sweet potato.

■Kyoto/Uji Joint development of Kyuemon Ito and Seven-Eleven

At Seven-Eleven, we developed a number of matcha sweets such as "Uji Matcha Fromage-Ohcha Taisho-" and "Uji Matcha Sweets Fair" under the supervision of "Kyuemon Ito".

And the long-awaited third matcha collaboration, "Kyoto Uji Ito Kyuemon Matcha Sweet Potato", is now available.

"Kyuemon Ito" is a long-established teahouse that has been around since the Edo period, and is a brand that promotes the new value of tea while respecting tradition.

As expected, I'm enthusiastic about how to put energy into Seven-Eleven and Matcha sweets.

The product is a smooth-boiled product that uses the smoothness of sweet potatoes, Kujiemon Ito's Uji matcha, and the rich butter flavor.

I am wondering how the Japanese "Uji Matcha" and the Western "Sweet potatoes" match.

It's a sweet that you won't be relieved for if you like matcha.

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