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LawsonOrFamily martWhile other competitors released frappe products, they continued to sell unsweetened coffee drinks such as "coffee" and "cafe latte".Seven-Eleven..
The "Seven Cafe Cafe Latte Sweets", which will be released from June 2, is the first Cafe Cafe "sweets-like coffee drink".
I've been checking out new seasonal and limited time products immediately! ‥

How to make "Seven Cafe Cafe Latte Sweets"

"Seven Cafe Cafe Latte Sweets"Seven-ElevenYou can find it at the ice cream counter or the ice coffee cup counter.

There are two flavors: chocolate and brulee. Actually, I wanted to try both types, but in the area where I live, there were no stores with brulee… That's why I bought only chocolate.

Inside the cup is a bead of ice and ice. Pour ice cafe latte from the cafe latte machine of the shop into this cup and drink while melting the ice.

Ice is made so that it melts fairly easily, and you can pour the latte into it and it will begin to melt immediately.

The color of the cup is black and the inside is invisible. I'm happy for those who say, "It's hard to bring a fancy design frappe to the workplace."

The taste and texture is closer to that of latte than frappe

Let's look at the calories and tastes you care about. The calorie of "Seven Cafe Cafe Latte Sweets Chocolate" is 184 kcal per cup. It is equivalent to one cup of rice. I want to be careful while dieting.
StarbucksConsidering that the caramel frappuccino has a short size of 287 kcal (in the case of milk), it may be a category with low calories.

The ice cream inside is made to melt easily,convenience storeMost of it melted within a few minutes of walking from home to home.
It is said that it has a chocolate flavor, but the sweetness is not too strong, and the aftertaste has a slight chocolate flavor. The impression is "a latte with a little chocolate flavor".
The aftertaste is not too dull and easy to drink. Please be careful because if you drink it that much, the calorie intake will be serious! ‥

The ice was left unmelted in the lower part, but I didn't feel the crunchy texture because it was sucked up with a straw. It seems that the concept is not to enjoy the texture mixed with ice like a frappe but to have it as a drink.


"Seven Cafe Cafe Latte Sweets Chocolate," which is made by pouring latte, is a product with a refreshing sweetness and a chocolate flavor that is not overly asserted.
It is said that it is for a limited time and a limited number, so if you are interested please check it out! ‥

Menu: Seven Cafe Cafe Latte Sweets
Price: 302 yen (tax included)
Official site:Seven Cafe Cafe Latte Sweets.pdf

(Sentence/photograph ☆ Takahashi ☆)

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