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In this season when the temperature starts to rise, many people may say, "I have no appetite because of the heat" or "I eat cold food."
In fact, it is necessary to eat warm foods well to prevent summer fat.
I will introduce this timeSeven-Eleven"Toma no Umami! Tomato Summer Curry Dria" is
It is a product with plenty of vegetables and spices that is perfect for you who are feeling summery.

Doria with nice vegetables

I immediately purchased "Tomato's Summer Curry Doria".
You can see vegetables from the label "Summer Doria", but where is the key tomato? ‥
The package is peeled off to solve the mystery.

The calorie is 494kcal, which is low for Doria. It would be perfect if only one meal was needed,
Where you are concerned about sugar and salt equivalent. Please be careful if you are on a diet or are refraining from salt.

Appetizing spice flavor

When you warm and open the lid, the scent of spice stimulates the stomach.
It makes me feel like I have to push a spoon anyway.

In addition to the curry roux, spices such as cumin, turmeric, and coriander are used in "Tomato's delicious taste! Summer tomato curry doria".
convenience storeBut you can eat delicious curry with a lot of spices! A good world has arrived.
Appetizing with the melted cheese shine.

Freshly cut corner tomatoes hidden in rice

Since the curry roux is not always contained, it has a moderate volume.
Cheese makes the curry taste mellow, so people who are not good at spicy foods can eat it with confidence.

Vegetables toppings are paprika, eggplant, pumpkin and broccoli.
It is cut large enough to leave a bit of crunch.

The product name is "Doria", but white sauce is not used.
It has a light taste that is easy to eat even in summer.

When I ate it, I felt some fruity taste in the curry, but I finally knew what it was.
It was a mixture of finely cut tomatoes.
Besides tomatoes, zucchini, carrots and onions were included.

The refreshing sourness of tomatoes goes well with the spiciness and richness of cheese.
If the curry at home is this curry doria, I would like to change the number of cups…

This time, we introduced "Tomato's summer curry doria", which is on sale from Seven-Eleven.
The refreshing sourness of tomatoes matches best with spicy curry,
It is easy to eat even in the summer when you have no appetite.
Why don't you make Caledria energy for dinner today with cold food?

Store: Seven-Eleven
Menu: "Unflavored taste! Tomato summer curry doria"
Price: 550 yen including tax
Official site:A delicious taste Tomato summer curry doria (Seven-Eleven)

(Sentence/photograph ☆ Takahashi ☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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