"Shading hood for smartphones" that cuts sunlight and makes the screen easier to see

The hot days continue, but the autumn holiday season is approaching. Maybe you are planning to avoid indoor amusement facilities to prevent coronavirus infection and enjoy your holidays outdoors.

When using an outdoor smartphone, such as watching a video on a smartphone when lining up in a line at an outdoor amusement park to kill time, or hiking while enjoying the autumn leaves, using a map app to hide the place. It is this "that creates a shade and makes the screen easier to see.Light-shielding hood for smartphones"is.

Easy to see outdoors

Easy to see outdoors

When I try to look at my smartphone outdoors, the surroundings are too bright to see, and when I turn up the screen light to make it visible, the battery of the smartphone runs out rapidly, and so on. It was inconvenient to use.

However, with this "light-shielding hood for smartphones", you can easily block the sunlight, so you can make the screen of your smartphone easier to see even outdoors during the day while reducing the battery consumption of your smartphone.

Easy to install

It can be attached / detached simply by sandwiching the smartphone with the flexible rubber attachment parts. It is easy to use because no special operation is required when installing it.

Easy to install

Compact when not in use

This product is very convenient when you want to see your smartphone, but it can be folded thinly and compactly so it does not get in the way when not in use. Due to its relatively simple structure, it is unlikely that it will break and become unusable even if it is thrown into a pocket or bag somewhat roughly.

  Compact when not in use

Compatible with tablets

Since it is available in all four sizes, S / M size for smartphones and S / M size for tablets, it can be used with many smartphones and tabletlets such as iPad.

Since it is fixed by sandwiching it with rubber, it can be used even with a thin smartphone cover or tablet cover attached.

Compatible with tablets

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You can use it quickly when you want to use it

In addition to amusement facilities, there are surprisingly many opportunities to use smartphones outdoors, such as lining up in a line at restaurants and taking pictures of events such as athletic meet for those with children.

If you are interested in the "light-shielding hood for smartphones" that can be quickly taken out and attached to create a shade and make the screen easier to see, please check it out.

Click here for details on the light-shielding hood for smartphones →Light-shielding hood for smartphones

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