Sharp, mask production start 3 late shipping to 1 day 50 million pieces of production aim.

Sharp is 24, the Mie factory mask production launched. COVID-19[new corona virus]spread of infection to anxiety, from domestic in is 2 months from the mask of the sticks have become. Government relations throughout the production request, and also mask Production Market announced.

24 days from the start of production and the mask is immediate,1 day and about 15 million copies in the pace of production, and gradually expand production capacity, this in 1 day 50 million in the company.

Mask production is in Mie Taki town of Mie factory to use. Usually the liquid crystal display panel development and production used in the factory clean room,advanced hygiene environment required for Mask production that is suitable as a mask, the shortage of AIM from the government voice it took. 3 of the production line using the production has started, but ultimately 10 line by utilizing production volume to 1 day 50 million copies and plans.

Produced mask is 3 layers of pleated type woven Mask,3 during the month of shipment which is scheduled to start. 50 piece set in 1 size only and deployment of the sales price is currently under consideration.

Sharp, according to the needs of the high to make,initially to the government’s delivery priority. The General public is SHARP COCORO LIFE EC site plans to sell, but the start time is undecided. The status quo,drugstores and other stores will be sold or not. Incidentally, the EC to use the site for membership registration is required.

The new coronavirus infection of expansion of from anxiety,global mask short supply followed by. In Japan 2 months from over-the-counter in the mask difficult to obtain, and government is the resale prohibition and other measures have. Mask production equipment, introduced a New against companies with support and sharp, this production begins with 3,000 million yen of assistance to prospective only.

Existing masks manufacturers production initiatives aimed at doing is sharp, like other industries from the entry of the movement of the mask sticks to stem the slide,which is attracting attention.

Electronics manufacturer Sharp is Twitter’s official account,”the electric not to use their products to tweet”is a tweet from. [Article: million Shima from・The article list to look at]

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