SHEILA treatment for subarachnoid hemorrhage is "hard"

SHEILA, 47, who had undergone an emergency operation for subarachnoid hemorrhage at the end of May, revealed that he had forgotten his birthday, and expressed his feelings that "it was too hard to tatter".

SHEILA updated her Instagram on her 16th birthday. "It was my birthday! I forgot." I posted a photo of the birthday celebration by bodybuilder trainer Hiromi Kashiki, who is instructed by rehabilitation.

She continues to express her feelings, "It's too tattered." "Is it going to heal. Is there a menopause?"

SHEILA was sick and transported to a hospital in Tokyo on May 31, last year, and was diagnosed with subarachnoid hemorrhage. In an Instagram updated for the first time in about seven months in December, “ I could not do anything because it was too hard, '' looking back on the period since the emergency transport, “ I can not see one eye, I can not walk, I can go to the toilet alone No, I can't work on TV. "

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