“ Shiba Inu '', which Taiwan hired for the new coronavirus prevention campaign, is very popular if it is cute


“ Shiba Inu '', which Taiwan hired for the new coronavirus prevention campaign, is very popular if it is cute

New coronavirusWith the spread of the disease, in Hubei Province, ChinaStrict restrictions on outgoing residentsOr in the United StatesIsolate returnees from WuhanVarious measures are taken in each country. Meanwhile, TaiwanMinistry of Health and WelfareIt is reported that Shiba Inu, which is used in a campaign to prevent new coronaviruses, is gaining in popularity.

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Taiwan embraces cute mascots for virus prevention campaign |

The new coronavirus, which has spread beyond China, was the first to die on February 15, 2020 in Taiwan. On the other hand, the number of infected people is reported to be relatively low at 20 as of February 16th.

Taiwan's first death in new type pneumonia Taxi driver is infected in the city (photo = joint): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

The Ministry of Health and Welfare, which is responsible for all aspects of public health, social welfare and social welfare in Taiwan, is calling on the people of Taiwan to take various measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. One of the calls made by the Ministry of Health and Welfare is particularly noteworthy is Shiba Inu, who plays an active role as a public relations dog.

actuallyHealth and Welfare Department Facebook PageSaw a picture of a cute Shiba Inu suddenly.

The content of the post calls for a sneeze cover. A cross mark is attached to the photo of Shiba Inu with a wide open mouth.

In addition, Shiba Inu appeared in the lower right of a post summarizing the infection status of the new coronavirus in Taiwan.

Shiba Inu is also featured in a post asking him to stay calm and wash his hands to avoid unnecessary contact.

"Let's wash your hands first before holding your hand with your lover or eating chocolate on Valentine's Day," said the question, "Do you have to wash your hands if you don't plan to touch anyone on Valentine's Day?" Let's wash it with tears (really wash it with soap instead of tears), "he said.

A post at the Ministry of Health and Welfare that a call center for the new coronavirus has been set up uses Shiba Inu to cover staff faces.

In addition to washing your hands, a post calling for avoiding touching your eyes and nose with your hands.

Health and Welfare DirectorDuring the showIn one of his posts, he called on people to use the Shiba Inu panel to defend themselves. The call for new coronavirus measures using Shiba Inu is gaining much popularity on the Internet, and posts have been shared hundreds of thousands of times on SNS and others.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare is not the first to use Shiba Inu for calling to people because it is related to the new coronavirus, and it will be called “ enterotoxic disease '' in 2019EnterovirusShiba Inu have been appointed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to call for measures to control the spread of the disease. In addition, it seems that this Shiba Inu is a pet dog of the person in charge of posting.

It is not just the Ministry of Health and Welfare that uses cute mascot characters to bring government voices to people. Taiwan'sForeign Relations DepartmentUses a pigeon character with a mask to call on immigration restrictions for foreigners entering China.

The AFP has stated that the Taiwan government's series of calls is in contrast to China, which has a harsh communist slogan. China's state media is inspiring people's patriotism and calling for measures against the new coronavirus, and in Hubei Province, “ Visit to each other will lead to killing each other '' “ Gathering in one place It's the same as suicide. "

Also, in Taiwan, measures to limit the number of masks purchased using a health insurance card are used to prevent buying up due to lack of masks, and the number of masks that can be brought from overseas is also limited to “ 250 per person '' It has been. In mid-February 2020, there was a case in which a vessel attempting to smuggle a mask from abroad was caught by the Coast Guard.

The AFP News Agency pointed out that Taiwan is using "cute" to convey its claims to the people. Made on January 11, 2020Republic of China Presidential ElectionRe-elected with the most votes in historyTsai Ing-wenHe also mentioned that he had conducted his campaign using his anime-style illustration goods.

Historic victory in Taiwan Presidential election President Tsai Ingwen's goods are popular

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